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        Export Data from the DevOps Center

        The DevOps Center can export metrics and events in CSV format for the currently-selected time period. Exported metrics and events are useful for collaborating with other Fusion administrators, using third-party analysis tools, or sending troubleshooting data to the Lucidworks support team.

        How to export data from the DevOps Center
        1. In the Fusion UI, navigate to System > DevOps Center > Log Viewer.

        2. Select the time period that is relevant to the incident you are interested in.

          Log files will be exported according to the tab you are viewing.

          Export CSV Files button

          Click Export service logs in the Service Logs tab or Export request logs in the Request Logs tab to download a .csv file containing the logs (shown here with example timestamps):

          • serviceLogs[2019-02-07T22:28:49.000Z-2019-02-07T22:43:49.695Z].csv

          • requestLogs[2019-02-07T22:28:49.000Z-2019-02-07T22:43:49.695Z].csv