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Download an App Studio Project (4.1 and later)

If you prefer to develop your search interface using your own tools, you can download it as a .zip file.

The project directory includes tools for running a demo deployment or compiling an application for a production deployment.

Downloading a project from Fusion

You can download your App Studio project as a .zip file from its configuration panel in App Studio.

This option is unavailable after you have uploaded a WAR file for the project.
  1. From the App Studio menu, select your project:

    App Studio menu

    The project configuration panel appears.

  2. Click Download project:

    Download project

    Your browser downloads the project as a .zip file.

Contents of the project directory

When you download your project and unpack the .zip file, you’ll find these files and directories:

  • app-studio (Unix) and app-studio.bat (Windows) are the scripts that build your project or launch a demo deployment.

  • bin contains files used by the app-studio script, plus the twigcrypt utility.

  • src contains the files that you modify to configure and customize your search interface.

  • At the root level are these additional files that support the build process, plus a handy README:

    • karma.conf.js

    • package.json

    • pom.xml


  • Additional directories are created the first time you run the app-studio script:

    • dist

    • node_modules

    • target

The app-studio/app-studio.bat script

This script can do the following:

Deploying a project

There are several ways to deploy a project. For information, see Deployment Overview.