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Create Topics

The Topic Form tag lets users create named topics with which to associate saved information. Topics can be restricted to the user who creates a topic or global to all users.

Screenshot of a topic form


Prior to using social and collaboration tools, you must enable them in Fusion and in App Studio.


An example of how to include the tag is shown below:

<%-- Topics --%>
<widget:popover id="topics" title="Cases" linkText="Cases" align="right">
    <social:topicForm name="My saved case" user="${social:getCurrentUserProfile()}" />
    <social:topicList user="${social:getCurrentUserProfile()}" format="dd MMM yyyy" emptyText="You don't currently have any cases." action="/case/" />

Typically this form would be placed inside the search controls of a search header.

Required tag attributes

There are no required tag attributes.

Optional tag attributes

name (java.lang.String)+ Default title for a topic (default: "").

user (java.lang.String)
A user to which the new topic should belong (default: null).

legend (java.lang.String)
Legend for the form (default: "Topics").

buttonLabel (java.lang.String)
Label of form submit button (default: "Save").

inputLabel (java.lang.String)
Label of form input box for the topic (default: "Name").

placeholder (java.lang.String)
Placeholder value to put in the topic name text box (default: "Type a name for the new topic…").

namespace (java.lang.String)
Determines whether the topics created using the form will be "local" (restricted to the user who creates a topic) or "global" (available to all users). The default is "local".