Create A Salesforce Connected App

Salesforce REST API to extract data from a Salesforce repository via a Salesforce Connected App.

Before creating the datasource, a Salesforce administrator for the account must create a Salesforce Connected App in Salesforce:

  1. Go to Setup > Create > Apps and in the Connected Apps section and click the new button.

  2. Add values to the following properties:

    • Connected App Name

    • API Name

    • Contact Email

    • Check the property Enable OAuth Settings.

    More properties should be displayed:

  • Callback URL: You can use a dumb HTTPS URL, such as

  • Selected OAuth Scopes: Select the Full Access scope.

  1. Save the new Connected App.

  2. Click the Continue button.

  3. In the section API (Enable OAuth Settings) the consumer key and consumer secret should be displayed, which will be used on the datasource.

For the Salesforce credentials, the user must be a System Administrator or one with no restrictions (able to access all the objects and fields).

If an authentication error appears, ensure the Fusion instance IP has network access.