Fusion 5.8

Fusion REST APIs

When you install a connector or plug-in on Fusion 5.x.x, you do not need to supply the .zip file. The installation obtains the .zip file from the repository. Fusion 4.x.x and earlier releases required you to supply the .zip file.

How to access the API in Kubernetes

API endpoints for Kubernetes deployments use different paths than for on-prem deployments.

How to access individual API endpoints


How to enable Swagger UI

Authentication and authorization rules do not include the Swagger user interface. Before enabling Swagger, determine your organization’s security requirements.

To enable Swagger, use --set swagger.enabled=true in the Helm chart install command.

How to access API specs (in JSON format)


How to access the on-prem API service

Fusion API services are designed to be accessed via Fusion’s authentication proxy module which is part of the Fusion UI service (default port 6764). All applications should use this method to access the API service:


List all Fusion component services

The Fusion introspect endpoint lists basic information about endpoints and parameters for all Fusion endpoints, including the Connectors services endpoints:

curl -u USERNAME:PASSWORD https://FUSION_HOST:FUSION_PORT/api/introspect

Use an API key to authenticate API operations

You can use an API key instead of a username and password combination to power your search application or operations. The following example authenticates a request to check the status of the query service with an API key:

curl -H "x-api-key: API_KEY" "https://FUSION_HOST:FUSION_PORT/api/query/status"

For more information, see API Keys.