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    The chart tag library is a collection of JSP tags for creating charts to visualize both search results (document result sets) and facets.


    You can visualize your data using the charts markup language. As an example, let us say you want to plot distinct segments of a search response facet as a chart, with each segment shown in proportion to size of that segment. For this you would add the Chart Display tag to your page, passing in a reference to the twigkit.model.Response containing the facet you want to plot and specify the facet name and type of chart you want to render. For example:

    <chart:display response="response" facet-name="current_products" title="Current Products" type="pie"></chart:display>

    In some cases, you might want to specify more options for your chart, or provide multiple data series to plot, for example. You do that by opening the chart:display tag and providing one or more chart options or tags in the markup body:

    <chart:display response="response" title="Current Products">
        <series:facet name="current_products" type="column" title="Current Products"></series:facet>
        <chart:tooltip header-format="<b>{point.x}</b><br/>" point-format="{}: <b>{point.y}</b><br/>"></chart:tooltip>