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    Extending Appkit

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    The Appkit application framework adheres to standard Java web application methodologies making custom development using generally accepted principles perfectly acceptable. In addition to that Appkit provides a number integration hooks for any aspect of the lifecycle and extension points for adding custom capabilities and features to Appkit application.


    The Appkit software stack is a 100% Java framework and most commonly deployed as a standard Java Web Application using best practice (and non-prescriptive) conventions. The framework is stateless with (in the case of web applications) all parameters of a Query generated from HTTP request parameters.

    Appkit uses Google Guice for dependency injection and plugin architectures and Maven for dependency and build management. The Appkit software components are available via our private Maven repository: Use the settings.xml file to correctly resolve dependencies to the Appkit libraries.

    Appkit SDK

    The Appkit SDK is a fully configured, deployable software project with placeholders for the major components described above. For further information submit questions via the issue tracking system.