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      Collection Features API

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      API Objective: Status of features across collections.

      The Collection Features API lets you observe the status of features across collections. To manipulate features for a specific collection, use the Collections API.


      There are four available features:

      Property Description


      Modify the Solr schema to be "managed", which means it is possible for Fusion to use Solr’s schema API to manage the schema. It also sets Solr to operate in 'schemaless' mode, which means fields do not need to be pre-defined in the schema for them to be added to Solr’s index. Note that this applies to the Solr included with Fusion, and does not modify an existing Solr cluster, if you have one already.


      Create a parallel collection for the storage of signals data (such as user clicks, or ratings). Signals will need to be indexed and aggregated in order to be used. See the section on Signals for more information.


      Partition the corresponding Solr collection by time; see Time-Based Partitioning.


      Get configuration information about recommendations. Parameters (params) are:

      idField – The document field that contains the document ID.

      itemsForUser – Whether items-for-user recommendations are enabled (true) or disabled (false).

      itemsForQuery – Whether items-for-query recommendations are enabled (true) or disabled (false).

      itemsForItem – Whether items-for-query recommendations are enabled (true) or disabled (false).

      queriesForQuery – Whether queries-for-query recommendations are enabled (true) or disabled (false).


      List the status of all features:


      curl -u user:pass http://fusion-host:6764/api/features/status


       [ {
        "name" : "dynamicSchema",
        "collectionId" : "demo",
        "params" : { },
        "enabled" : false
      }, {
        "name" : "searchLogs",
        "collectionId" : "demo",
        "params" : { },
        "enabled" : false
      }, {
        "name" : "signals",
        "collectionId" : "demo",
        "params" : { },
        "enabled" : false
      } ]
      Loading API specification...