REST API Reference

See Index of API Services Endpoints for a list of all endpoints in Fusion’s API service component.

Fusion API service are designed to be accessed via Fusion’s authentication proxy module which is part of the Fusion UI service (default port 8764). All applications should use this method to access the API service. However, for development purposes it is possible to access the API service directly:

Development Production


Direct access to the API service, bypassing the authentication proxy. Access to this port should be restricted.


Access via the authentication proxy, using either a username/password pair or a session cookie with the user ID.

In a production environment, do not expose port 8765 to users. Using your firewall software or the Jetty configuration of the API server, make it accessible only to the auth proxy service and the connectors service.

Listing all Fusion component services

The Fusion introspect endpoint lists basic information about endpoints and parameters for all Fusion endpoints, including the Connectors services endpoints:

curl -u user:pass http://localhost:8764/api/apollo/introspect