Upgrade Fusion 3.x to the newest release

The steps below describe how to upgrade Fusion 3.0 to the latest release. The kazoo Python library must be installed before you begin.

How to upgrade Fusion 3.0
  1. Download the latest version of Fusion.

  2. Extract it to the same parent fusion folder as your earlier 3.0 release.

    For example, if the fusion 3.0.0 is installed in /opt/fusion/3.0.0, place the downloaded fusion-3.0.1.tar.gz file in the /opt/ folder and run:

    tar zxvf fusion-3.0.1.tar.gz
  3. Set the FUSION_OLD_HOME environment variable to the full path of the old version of the Fusion folder:

    export FUSION_OLD_HOME=/path/to/fusion/3.0.0
  4. Set the FUSION_HOME environment variable to the full path of the new version of the Fusion folder:

    export FUSION_HOME=/path/to/fusion/3.0.1
  5. Copy data from the old Fusion instance to the new instance:

  6. Copy configurations from the old Fusion instance to the new instance:

    mv $FUSION_HOME/conf/ $FUSION_HOME/conf_backup/

    If you are running distributed Fusion, then perform this step on all the Fusion nodes.

    If you are running external Solr or Zookeeper, then modify the group.default property in fusion.properties to reflect the services that should be started when the bin/fusion script is executed.
  7. Update links to point to the new Fusion instance:

    cd $FUSION_HOME/..
    unlink latest
    ln -s 3.0.1 latest
  8. Start the Zookeeper server which will be used by the new Fusion installation.

    If you are using the Zookeeper bundled within Fusion, that would be:

    ./bin/zookeeper start
  9. Clone the fusion-upgrade-scripts repository, if you haven’t already:

    git clone https://github.com/lucidworks/fusion-upgrade-scripts
  10. Run the upgrade script:

    cd fusion-upgrade-scripts/src
    python upgrade-3.0.x.py
  11. Run the new version of Fusion (all services defined in fusion.properties) and validate via the Fusion UI:

    ./bin/fusion start
    Before accessing the Fusion UI, clear your browser’s cache. Otherwise, you may inadvertently access a cached version of the old Fusion UI and see inconsistent behavior.