Install a Fusion Cluster

To support enterprise search applications at any scale, install Fusion on multiple nodes (a Fusion cluster). Deployed in this manner, Fusion can store large amounts of data and achieve high processing throughput.

Historically, "node" has also had a meaning at Lucidworks related to licensing and to the number of CPU cores. We don’t mean that here. In the context of this documentation "node" is a computer, usually a physical server but also possibly a virtual machine (especially for test environments).

To install Fusion on a single node, see Install Fusion on a Single Node.

Install Fusion Server with Bundled Solr and ZooKeeper

When you install Fusion Server, the software includes bundled versions of Solr and ZooKeeper. Install Fusion on every node. Then, configure Fusion so that it doesn’t start Solr and ZooKeeper on nodes where they aren’t needed.

Supported Cluster Arrangements

To satisfy processing requirements, install Fusion, ZooKeeper, and Solr on specific nodes.

Before proceeding, review the supported cluster arrangements.

Hardware and software requirements

Verify that the nodes on which you plan to install Fusion meet hardware and software requirements.

Next steps

Perform the installation steps in one of these articles:

If you already have a Solr deployment, use the instructions Integrate Fusion with an Existing Solr Deployment.