Blob Storage

Fusion accepts large binary objects (blobs) for upload, and stores them in Solr. Blob uploads are used to install models, lookup lists, JDBC drivers, connectors, and more.

Blob Types

A resourceType query parameter can be used to specify the a blob type. For example, specify plugin:connector when uploading a connector, like this:

curl -H 'content-type:application/zip' -X PUT 'localhost:8764/api/blobs/myplugin?resourceType=plugin:connector' --data-binary

The complete list of valid values for resourceType is below:

Type Description


An analytics catalog


A JDBC driver


A connector plugin


A machine learning model


An OpenNLP model


Any uploaded file, such as from the Quickstart or the Index Workbench.


A Banana dashboard


A blob of unknown type

If no resourceType is specified on upload, "other" is assigned by default.

The Blob manager

In addition to the Blob Store API, the Fusion UI provides an interface to the blob store, at DevOps > Blobs.

  • Click Add to upload a new blob:

    Blob manager

  • Select an uploaded blob to view, replace, or delete it:

    Blob manager