The Fusion Workflow

Here’s a high-level overview of the Fusion workflow for search developers:

  1. Use the Index Workbench to develop your datasources.

  2. Use the Query Workbench to develop useful search results.

  3. Develop your search application.

To get started, log in to the Fusion UI and click Search.

The Index Workbench

Start here to get your data into Fusion in a format that’s optimized for your search application.

Fusion Index Workbench UI
Select what to configure: datasource, parser, or index pipeline.
Configure the selected component's options.
View simulated results to see how your configuration will affect your data.

The Index Workbench is a workspace for configuring datasources, parsers, and index pipelines. Here you can configure Fusion to manipulate incoming data, transform its fields, conditionally include or exclude documents, send alerts, and more.

Simulated results are displayed and updated on the fly so you can verify that your configuration will index the data in the format you need for your search application. No indexing occurs until you’re satisfied with your configuration.

See The Index Workbench for more details. The Index Pipeline Stages Reference provides complete information about the wide variety of features available in index pipelines.

The Query Workbench

Once your data is indexed, use the Query Workbench to configure how search results are returned.

Fusion Query Workbench UI
Select or re-order the stages in your query pipeline.
Configure the selected query pipeline stage.
Configure faceting.
Preview your search results, boost/block results, and view fields.

Here you configure query pipelines to manipulate incoming queries and the results that Fusion returns. You can configure relevancy, faceting, security trimming, external lookups, alerting, and more.

See The Query Workbench for details about how to use this tool. The Query Pipeline Stages Reference provides complete information about the wide variety of features available in query pipelines.

Developing your search application

Ultimately, Fusion is the back end for your own search applications. See Search Applications for details about how to develop a front-end interface, or adapt your existing application, for querying your Fusion collections and displaying search results.