UI service

The UI service is the interface between your applications and the REST-API services. All HTTP requests from external clients must pass through the UI service, because it hosts the auth proxy. It also hosts the Web-based Fusion UI.

The auth proxy

The auth proxy generates the session cookie required by all REST-API services. The REST-API services accept no commands without this cookie. The auth proxy requires valid username/password credentials with every request, like this:

curl -u <user>:<pwd> localhost:8764/api/apollo/<servicename>

UI configuration

The default port is 8764, configurable as ui.port in $FUSION/conf/fusion.properties.

UI Web service configuration is in $FUSION/apps/jetty/ui.

This blog post explains how to secure the UI using SSL.

UI logs

UI service log files are in $FUSION/var/log/ui.