For every server in a Fusion deployment, the script $FUSION/bin/fusion is used to start, stop, and check the status of the Fusion instance running on that server.

The environment variable FUSION_HOME must be set to Fusion install dir $FUSION, e.g.:

> cd /opt/fusion
> export FUSION_HOME=`pwd`

Fusion Agent Process

The Fusion agent process makes sure that all Fusion processes start up and shut down correctly. It prevents problems which can arise by trying to start Fusion on a server where it is already running.

Start Fusion command $FUSION/bin/fusion start

Invoke script $FUSION/bin/fusion with argument start:

> ./bin/fusion start
Starting zookeeper.
Successfully started zookeeper on port 9983 (process ID 77295)
Starting solr
Successfully started solr on port 8983 (process ID 77297)
Starting api.............
Successfully started api on port 8765 (process ID 77301)
Starting connectors............
Successfully started connectors on port 8984 (process ID 77388)
Starting ui..
Successfully started ui on port 8764 (process ID 77469)

The Fusion Agent process prevents start when Fusion is already running:

> ./bin/fusion start

Check Fusion status command $FUSION/bin/fusion status

> ./bin/fusion status
zookeeper is running on port 9983 (process ID 77295)
solr is running on port 8983 (process ID 77297)
api is running on port 8765 (process ID 77301)
ui is running on port 8764 (process ID 77469)
connectors is running on port 8984 (process ID 77388)

Stop Fusion command $FUSION/bin/fusion stop

> ./bin/fusion stop

Successfully stopped ui (process ID 41524)
Successfully stopped connectors (process ID 41328)
Successfully stopped api (process ID 41159)
Successfully stopped solr (process ID 41153)
Successfully stopped zookeeper (process ID 41151)


The Java Virtual Machine Process Status Tool utility at /usr/bin/jps is useful for reporting on all Fusion processes reported by script $FUSION/bin/fusion:

> jps
77294 AgentMain
77295 zookeeper-path-1475182112123.jar
77297 start.jar
77301 start.jar
77388 start.jar
77469 start.jar
79455 Jps

The process "zookeeper-path-1475182112123.jar" is the ZooKeeper process used by Fusion. The 4 "start.jar" processes are Fusion’s Solr, API Services, Connectors, and UI.

If the script doesn’t run, or it fails to start all services, see the Troubleshooting topic or the knowledge base for help.