Changing the Default Ports

Fusion services run in their own JVM and listen for requests on a number of ports. Environment variables, set in a common configuration file, are used to specify the port a service uses. To change the port(s) a service uses, you must change the settings in the configuration file.

Configuration files

Fusion configuration files are stored in $FUSION/conf. This directory contains the file for defining the common environment variables used by the Fusion run scripts. It also contains a subdirectory zookeeper, for zookeeper’s configuration files.

Default Ports

Port settings are defined in the file.

Jetty is used to run Solr, the Fusion UI, API, and connectors services. For each of these services, Jetty runs the service on the assigned port and listens on a second port for shutdown requests. Therefore, defines pairs of ports for components running on Jetty, e.g.:

api.port = 8765
api.stopPort = 7765

The default ports for the Fusion services are:

Port Service


Fusion UI

This service includes the Fusion Authorization Proxy


Fusion API Services


Spark Master


Spark Worker


Connectors Services



This is the embedded Solr instance included in the Fusion distribution.



The embedded ZooKeeper used by Fusion services. It corresponds to the ZooKeeper clientPort which is defined in file $FUSION/conf/zookeeper/zoo.cfg.

ZooKeeper Port Configuration

The ZooKeeper ports are defined both in the file and in the zookeeper configuration file, zoo.cfg, in the zookeeper subdirectory, path $FUSION/conf/zookeeper/zoo.cfg.

The definition in is:

zookeeper.port = 9983

The definition in zoo.cfg is:

If you change the zookeeper port and are running the embedded zookeeper, the port definitions must match!