Deployment Types

The Fusion platform is designed to support enterprise search applications at any scale. You can deploy Fusion across multiple nodes in order to store large amounts of data or to achieve high processing throughput or both.

Deployment goals

  • Demo, trial, and development deployments – The simplest possible architecture is the one you get out of the box, by unpacking the tar/zip file and running fusion/3.0.x/bin/fusion start, so that all components are running on a single host in their default configurations.

    You can quickly install and run Fusion on a computer (even on your laptop) to explore its features and work with sample data. See Getting Started for Quickstart instructions. This diagram illustrates a single-node Fusion deployment:

    Fusion on a single node

  • Production deployments – Fusion is designed for flexible, distributed deployment. Any of its components can be distributed across your network, and some can be clustered. A production deployment usually requires multiple Fusion nodes, each of which runs some or all Fusion services.

    If you already have SolrCloud clusters managing your data, you can integrate them into a Fusion deployment using ZooKeeper.