Log Analytics Dashboards

You can build a log analytics dashboard for any Fusion collection derived from one or more logfiles, where each logfile entry contains a timestamp plus some amount of additional event information. The Time Field should be a Solr trie-date field (with field suffix "_tdt").

This is an example of a log analytics dashboard. It is the default dashboard that appears when you click Analytics on the Fusion home page. Note the navigation to other dashboards in the upper right corner.

Fusion Logs dashboard

The more information and structure that can be extracted from the logfile and modeled in a Solr document, the more possibilities for analytics and visualizations. At a minimum log data must include:

  • a timestamp in an allowed standard date/time format

  • text message(s) which be unstructured or semi-structured

Search query controls

  • query

  • timepicker

  • dateRange

Display controls

At a minimum, a log analytics dashboard contains a histogram.