Connector Status API

The connector registry loads all of the plugin classes and their dependencies. The Connector Status API reports the status of this registry. It can also reload or shut down the registry.

Reload, Quit or Get Status of Connector Registry

The path for the request is:


A GET request will return the connector registry status. A DELETE request will shut down the registry. A PUT will reload the registry. The PUT request takes an optional parameter:

Parameter Description


If true, reinitialize the connectors registry.



Output Content

The output of a GET request will include the status of the registry and any messages reported.

The output of a PUT or a DELETE request will be empty.


Use port 8765 in local development environments only. In production, use port 8764.

Get the status of the connectors registry:


curl -u user:pass http://localhost:8764/api/apollo/connectors/status


  "status" : "OK",
  "node" : "localhost",
  "messages" : [ {
    "message" : "2 data sources loaded, 2 data sources verified.",
    "time" : "2014-06-10T17:44:10.023Z"
  } ],
  "type" : "Local ConnectorManager"