Find and Replace Index Stage

The Find and Replace stage is used to standardize or remove a set of specific passages, phrases, or words from a document field using exact string matching. This stage is configured with one or more rules. Each rule specifies one or more texts to match against and a single text string that is the replacement value. When the replacement string is the empty string, this will delete the matched text from the document field.

There are two different ways of setting up a Find and Replace stage:

  • Using Fusion’s blob store to store the list of texts to be standardized. This is known as "Find List Replace" For each standardization, there is a file which contains the set of texts to be standardized, one per line, with file suffix .lst. The .lst file is uploaded into Fusion’s ../../REST_API_Reference/Blob-Store-API.html[Blob Store]. The required properties for each rule are: the document field to scan; the name of the list file uploaded to the blob store, inclusive of suffix .lst; and the replace text value.

  • Specifying a set of find/replace pairs directly using the Fusion UI or REST API. This is known as "Find Replace". The requires properties for each rule are: the document field to scan; a list of find/replace pairs.