Index Pipeline Simulator

The Index Pipeline Simulator is a tool for developing index pipelines and previewing their output before you apply them to your live datasources.

The simulator displays a sample of your data as it would be indexed after processing by the configured pipeline stages. You can enable, disable, add, remove, or reconfigure the pipeline stages to see how your changes affect the data sample.

None of your changes are applied to your live datasources until you click the Save Pipeline and Start Import button.

Index Pipeline Simulator

Here’s how to run an index pipeline simulation:

  1. Navigate to the collection you want to work with.

  2. In the Home panel, click Index Pipeline Simulator.

  3. Select a datasource.

    • You can click an existing datasource and optionally modify its configuration.

      Any changes you make here will overwrite the original datasource configuration.
    • To create a new datasource, click the Add + button.

      You’ll be prompted to select a connector and import some data to preview. When you finish, the new datasource is added to this collection.

  4. Click Start simulation.

    Fusion collects a data sample from the selected source with which to run the simulation.

  5. Select a pipeline to load.

  6. Click Load pipeline.

    Your data sample is displayed in the format in which it would be indexed using the selected pipeline.

    You can enable, disable, add, remove, or reconfigure any pipeline stage to see a preview of how your changes affect the sample data.

    Index pipeline simulation errorsIf no data is displayed, download the error log from the Notifications menu in the upper right.
    When you click Save in the pipeline stage configuration panel, you’re saving a temporary copy of the stage configuration. Your live datasource is not affected.
  7. Click Save Pipeline and Start Import to finalize your changes.

  8. To start indexing data using the updated pipeline, click Go to datasource, then click Start Crawl.