Timepicker Panel

The timepicker panel controls the time range filters. This control is should be included on log and signal analytics dashboards, and any other dashboard based on time-series data.

The configuration properties are:

  • Default Mode: The options are relative, which provides a series of relative timeframes (such as 30 days ago, 1 year, etc.); absolute, where you define the start and end dates; or since, where you define only the starting date, with the current date assumed.

  • Time Field: The field to use for time-based data.

  • Relative Time Options: When the mode is set to relative, you can provide a comma-separated list of relative time options, such as "5m,1h,2d". If you use the default range, you should set the panel to span at least 6, to prevent the time selections from overrunning the edges of the panel.

  • Default Timespan: The time option that should be selected as a default.

  • Auto-refresh: When the mode is set to either relative or since, you may want your dashboard to automatically refresh with the latest data. These options allow you to configure auto-refresh:

    • Enable: Select to enable auto-refresh.

    • Interval: The interval, in seconds, to refresh.

    • Minimum Interval: The minimum interval, in seconds. to refresh.