Table Panel

The table panel allows you to create a table of field values from the Solr index that match the filters applied to the dashboard. While only the fields selected are displayed, clicking on any entry expands to show all fields of the document.

You can also export the documents, if needed, to CSV, XML or JSON by clicking the "Export" icon in the upper right of the panel.

In the display, you can add new fields on the fly, but clicking a field name from the list in the left side of the panel.

Configuration Options

Add Column

Enter the field(s) you would like to see in the table. You can enter as many fields as you’d like, but too many columns may require you to scroll horizontally to see all of your data.

Click the '+' button to add the field, and you should see it listed in the Columns section to the right. Click on a column to remove it from the list.


The display options allow defining how the table is displayed.

  • Header: Enable to see a header row in the table.

  • Sorting: Enable to be able to sort the data in the table.

  • Sort: Choose the field to sort on. Also choose the sort order by selecting the up or down carat to the right of the column name.

  • Font Size: Choose the font size for the display of the data.

  • Trim Factor: If the data is too long to fit in the column at your desired width, you can configure the point at which the data will be "trimmed" from display.


The paging options allow control over how to deal with large amounts of data that may be easier to work with on separate pages.

  • Show Controls: Enable to show page forward and back options.

  • Overflow: If the data expands beyond the height of the window, you can choose to scroll through the records, or enable overflow to expand the size of the panel to fit all of the data for that page.

  • Per Page: The number of items to display on each page.

  • Page Limit: The number of pages to display.

  • Pageable: This will automatically update based on the values of Per Page and Page Limit, to show the total number of items that will be displayed in the table.