System Administration via the Fusion Admin Tool

The System Administration module is the component of the Fusion UI Admin tool provides information and allows configuration of system components.

Equivalent functionality is provided by the REST API, see System Admin APIs.



The Overview tab shows an overview of the collections and their states in the cluster. Selecting a specific collection expands the information to show the core name, the collection name, and gauges to show the available system memory and swap space.


The Messaging Services tab is used to configure system notifications. There are several messaging services available.

API Insight

The API Insight tab shows the available REST API endpoints in the system.


The Configurations tab provides read access to all of the global property settings of the system. The UI allows filtering the list of configuration items by terms and choosing the node of the cluster to examine. If you need to change any configuration item, you should use the Configurations API.


The History tab shows the start and stop times of all services.

Heartbeat Data

The Heartbeat Data tab shows you the information that would be sent to Lucidworks as part of the System Usage Monitor, an optional program to send confidential information about your system to Lucidworks. You can enable or disable sending the data in this screen, by checking the box next to 'Report Heartbeat'.


The Metrics tab provides access to the metrics indexed by the system_metrics collection. For details see the section System Metrics.

Solr Clusters

The Solr Clusters tab provides controls both for reporting on and configuration of Solr servers. When using Fusion with an existing Solr cluster, this provides a single point of access for both systems.


The Threads tab shows the details of each active thread in the system. This is the same information returned by the threads endpoint of the System API.