Query Profiles

Query profiles allow you to consistently point your search application at a static endpoint, but give you the flexibility to change the actual query pipeline being used.

For example, an e-commerce site may want to create a query pipeline to support a month-long promotion. Once the pipeline is configured, it can be easily enabled by changing the profile in use by the front-end application to use the new pipeline.

A profile can be created or modified with the UI or with a REST API. The UI is described below, the REST API is described in the section Query Profiles API.

Query Profiles in the UI

The Profiles tab shows the index profiles on the left and the query profiles on the right. Hover over the name of a profile, and an edit button will appear to allow you to change the pipeline the profile is mapped to. Hover over the name of a pipeline, and you will be able to jump to edit that pipeline.

Click Add Profile to add a profile. The next screen will show a form allowing you to define the profile name and either select an existing pipeline or create a new pipeline with the name you choose. Click Create to save the new profile.