JDBC Lookup Stage

The JDBC Query Lookup query pipeline stage is used to call out to a database as part of a pipeline stage, to inject results into either the context/request or the pipeline document. For example, if you needed to look up a user from a DB and add their profile information onto a request for downstream use in a pipeline, the JDBC Lookup Stage would facilitate this.

You must first upload the JDBC driver to Fusion, see the Connector JDBC API page.


An example of setup for a JDBC Query Lookup query pipeline stage

Upload stage config via POST to Fusion REST API endpoint `api/apollo/query-stages/instances`

curl -u user:pass -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"id": "jdbc-quer","type":"jdbc-query-lookup","driver":"postgresql-9.3-1101-jdbc4.jar","connection":"jdbc:postgresql:database","username":"user","password":"password1","preparedStatement":"select ID as id from DATABASE;"}' http://localhost:8764/api/apollo/query-stages/instances


  "type" : "jdbc-query-lookup",
  "id" : "jdbc-quer",
  "driver" : "postgresql-9.3-1101-jdbc4.jar",
  "connection" : "jdbc:postgresql:database",
  "username" : "user",
  "password" : "password1",
  "preparedStatement" : "select ID as id from DATABASE;",
  "fetchSize" : -1,
  "join" : true,
  "rows" : 10,
  "skip" : false,
  "label" : "jdbc-query-lookup",
  "type" : "jdbc-query-lookup"