Regex Field Extraction Index Stage

The Regex Field Extraction stage (called the Regular Expression Extractor stage in versions earlier than 3.0) is used to extract entities from documents based on matching regular expressions. The resulting regex matches over the contents of the source field are copied to the target field. The regular expression, source, and target fields are defined properties of this stage.

If using the REST API, this stage type is named "regex-extractor".

Example Stage Specification

Define a regex-field-extraction stage to apply a regular expression that looks for storage capabilities of products when it appears in the product 'name' field, and store it in a special field:

  "type" : "regex-field-extraction",
  "id" : "storagesize-regex-extraction",
  "rules" : [ {
    "source" : [ "name" ],
    "target" : "storage_size_ss",
    "pattern" : "(\\d{1,20}\\s{0,3}(GB|MB|TB|KB|mb|gb|tb|kb))",
    "annotateAs" : "storage_size"
  } ],
  "skip" : false