Directories and Logs


The directory where the Fusion files go for a specific version of Fusion is the Fusion home directory. The Fusion home directory is the directory fusion.

The directories found in the Fusion home directory fusion are:

Name Description


Fusion components 3rd-party distributions used by Fusion, including jar files and plugins


Master script to run Fusion, and per-component run scripts


Configuration files for Fusion and ZooKeeper that contain parameters settings tuned for common use cases


Default location of data stores used by Fusion apps


License information


Fusion signals example


systemd and upstart scripts and configurations for Linux


Developer utilities, including diagnostic scripts, for Linux and Windows. See scripts/diag/linux/README and scripts/diag/win64/README.txt for details.


Logfiles and system files created by Fusion components, as well as .pid files for each running process


Logfiles are found in directories under fusion/var/log. Because the Fusion components run in separate JVMs, each component has its own set of logfiles and files that monitor all garbage-collection events for that process.

Name Description


Fusion REST API services logging and error messages. This log shows the result of service requests submitted to the REST API directly via HTTP and indirectly via the Fusion UI.


Fusion connector services logging and error messages. Fusion index pipeline logging stages write to this file.


Messages from Solr


Spark-master logs


Spark-worker logs


Fusion UI messages


ZooKeeper messages

Every component logs all messages to a logfile named <component>.log. For example, the full path to the logfile for the connectors services is:


In addition to component logfiles, every component maintains a set of garbage-collection logfiles which are used for resource tuning. The garbage-collection logfiles are named gc_<YYYYMMDD>_<PID>.log.<CT>. In addition, the current garbage-collection logfile has suffix .current.

The Fusion REST API, UI, connectors services, and Solr all run inside a Jetty server. The Jetty server logs are also written to that component’s logfile directory. The Jetty server logs are named:

  • jetty-YYYY_MM_DD.request.log

  • jetty-YYYY_MM_DD.stderrout.log

Fusion uses the Apache Log4j 2 logging framework with Jetty to log each of the Fusion components. Logging is configured via an xml configuration file named log4j2.xml. Log levels, frequencies, and log rotation policy can be configured by changing these configuration files:

The Log4j2 Configuration guide provides documentation and examples of all logging configuration options.