Histogram Panel

The histogram panel provides a binned display of queries per time interval, using Solr’s range facets for data.

Configuration Options


The value for the y-axis. The options are count or values.

When choosing values, you must select a field to use as the basis for the values. This field must have a numeric field type. You can also select a Group By Field, which cannot be a multi-valued field, and creates multiple charts.


The value for the x-axis. This is the field to use for display of the time information for the histogram.

Chart Settings

There are several chart settings.

  • Bars: Enable to show bars on the chart.

  • Lines: Enable to show lines on the chart. When enabled a few more settings will be available:

    • Line Fill: The fill area, from 0-10.

    • Line Width: The width of the lines, in pixels.

    • Smooth: Enable to remove 0 values from lines.

  • Points: Enable to show points on the chart.

  • Stack: Enable to stack multiple series together.

  • Percent: Enable to show the stack as a percentage of the total (only displayed when stack is enabled).

  • Legend: Enable to show the legend.

  • xAxis: Enable to display the x-axis values.

  • yAxis: Enable to display the y-axis values.

  • Time correction: If time correction should be applied to use the browser’s timezone. Select 'utc' to always display times in UTC.

  • Selectable:

  • Zoom Links: Enable to allow users to zoom out in time.

  • View Options: Enable to show an options section.

  • Auto-interval: Enable to allow the chart to automatically scale the intervals.

  • Resolution: When Auto-interval is enabled, a best effort will be made to show this number of bars.

Tooltip Settings

The tooltip settings control the display of data when users hover over a line or bar on the chart.

  • Stacked Values: When using stacked values, this defines if the data be displayed as cumulative, or as individual values.

  • Display Query: If an alias is set, it will be shown in the tooltip. If no alias is set, enable this to show the entire query.