Solr is the search platform that powers Fusion. There are multiple aspects to Fusion’s use of Solr:

  • Fusion components manage Solr search and indexing and provide analytics over these collections. Fusion’s analytics components depend on aggregations over information which is stored in a Solr collection.

  • Fusion collections are all Solr collections.

  • Application data is stored as one or more Solr collections.

  • Fusion’s own logs are stored as Solr collections.

  • A few Fusion service APIs use Solr as a backing store, notably Parameter Sets.

Solr configuration

Fusion requires that Solr run with SolrCloud enabled.

Configuration for Solr’s Web service is in fusion/apps/jetty/solr.

Solr logs

Solr log files are in fusion/var/log/solr.

Accessing the Solr UI

With Fusion installed out of the box, you can still access the Solr UI at http://localhost:8983/solr/.

Solr documentation

Solr documentation and additional resources are available at

You can also find plenty of Solr tips and technical discussions in our knowledge base, blog, and webinars. Lucidworks also maintains a search interface to Solr’s community discussions at[].