Map Panel

A map panel displays a map of shaded regions using any field that contains a 2-letter country or US state code. Regions with more hits are shaded darker.

This uses the Solr terms facet, so it is important that you set it to the correct field.

The following properties are defined for a map panel:

Field: the Solr field that has the 2-letter codes that will be used for the location data.

Max: a maximum number of countries to plot. The default is 100.

Map: the style of map to display. If your data spans the world, you can choose the world map. If your data is focused on Europe or the US instead, you can choose the Europe or US maps respectively.

Mode: the approach to summarizing the data. You can chose count, mean, maximum, minimum or sum. In order to use any mode other than count, the field type must be numeric.

Decimal Points: the number of digits to display after a decimal points.