Getting Started

Fusion Server is a scalable search engine that uses a Solr core, Spark data processor, NoSQL data store, and Lucidworks' proprietary features to provide instant, versatile access to all your data. These topics provide an orientation for new users:

  • How Fusion Server Works explains the basic concepts behind Fusion, plus how to get data in, get data out, and build applications against a Fusion back end.

  • When you first log in, the Quickstart offers you a simplified interface for quick data ingestion, querying, and faceting. You can open the Quickstart again at any time.

  • Fusion UI gives you a tour of the Web-based interface and its primary tools.

  • The Tutorials show you how to get from raw data to a useful search application using sample datasets and simple step-by-step instructions.

  • Resources and Support are available in addition to this documentation to help you make the most of Fusion Server.