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      HTML Parser Stage

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      This stage is deprecated. Please use Forked Apache Tika Parser Stage instead.

      This parser stage processes the following HTML elements:

      • <title>

      • <body> (with tags removed)

      • <meta>

      • <a> and <link>

      Additionally, you can configure JSoup selectors to extract specific HTML and CSS elements from a document and map them to PipelineDocument fields. For example, you could use this to process navigational DIV elements one way, then process content-ful DIV elements another way.

      The HTML Transformation index pipeline stage is deprecated in favor of this parser stage.

      HTML and CSS elements can be selected for extraction into new documents or fields:

      • To create new documents from selected elements, configure recordSelector.

      • To create new fields from selected elements, configure mappings.

      Title, body, metadata, and links are only populated in the parent document. Both of these parameters support JSoup selectors, which provides a rich syntax for selecting HTML and CSS elements.

      When entering configuration values in the UI, use unescaped characters, such as \t for the tab character. When entering configuration values in the API, use escaped characters, such as \\t for the tab character.

      HTML Content Extraction

      The Context Extraction setting in the HTML Parser has a special meaning.

      By default, when unchecked or false, the HTML parser will essentially attempt to extract the text of the entire HTML page as the text that will be used in the Solr document.

      However, when Content Extract is checked, or true, a set of heuristic rules are applied to attempt to automatically determine what node in the entire page is most likely to be the page content, based on the tree of nodes inside it and the text component of all the sub-nodes.

      This may be helpful when you have a variety of different page formats, and also significant text on the pages which is not useful to add to the documents, such as significant text in the page header or footer.

      However, since the algorithm is based on heuristics , it is possible that the results could change as the site is altered. When you need a high degree of certainty, we recommend that you use explicit rules of which nodes to extract to match your local configuration.

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