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      Jobs Configuration Reference

      Table of Contents

      These reference topics provide complete information about the configuration properties of jobs for which the subtype is "task" or "spark".

      Jobs with the subtype "datasource" have configuration schemas that depend on the connector type; see Connectors Configuration Reference.

      For conceptual information and instructions for configuring and scheduling jobs, see Jobs and Schedules.


      • Download Blob

      • Log Cleanup

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      • REST Call

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      Spark jobs

      • Aggregation

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      • Custom Python job.

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      • Script

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      • ALS Recommender

        Use this job when you want to compute user recommendations or item similarities using a collaborative filtering recommender. You can also implement a user-to-item recommender in the advanced section of this job’s configuration UI. This job uses SparkML’s Alternating Least Squares (ALS).

        This job is deprecated as of Fusion 5.2.0. Use the BPR Recommender instead.
      • Cluster Labeling

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      • Create Seldon Core Model Deployment Job

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      • Delete Seldon Core Model Deployment Job

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      • Document Clustering

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      • Evaluate QnA Pipeline

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      • Ground Truth

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      • Head/Tail Analysis

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      • Logistic Regression Classifier Training

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      • Outlier Detection

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      • Parallel Bulk Loader

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      • Phrase Extraction

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      • QnA Supervised Training

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      • QnA Coldstart Training

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      • Query-to-Query Session-Based Similarity

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      • Random Forest Classifier Training

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        This job is deprecated as of Fusion 5.2.0.
      • Ranking Metrics

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      • SQL Aggregation

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      • Synonym Detection Jobs

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      • Token and Phrase Spell Correction

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      • Word2Vec Model Training

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        This job is deprecated as of Fusion 5.2.0.