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      Gaussfit (gaussfit)

      The gaussfit function fits a gaussian curve to a histogram constructed from a random sample drawn from a numeric field. The gaussfit function can be used to visualize how well the values in a numeric field fit a normal distribution. The gaussfit function takes two parameters:

      1. The numeric field from which to draw the histogram

      2. The sample size

      Sample syntax

      select gaussfit(filesize_d, 50000) as fit,
      from logs

      Result set

      The gaussfit result set contains one record for each bin in the histogram drawn from the random sample. The gaussfit function returns the value of the fitted gaussian curve. The hist_bin and hist_count fields are also available in the gaussfit result set. The hist_bin field contains the histogram bin number and the hist_count field contains the count of samples in each bin.

      Below is a sample result set in Apache Zeppelin:

      Sample result set


      The gaussfit result set can be visualized by plotting the hist_bin column on the x-axis and the fit and the hist_count columns on the y-axis. The visualization belows shows the gaussfit result visualized in an Apache Zeppelin line chart:

      Sample result set