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Latest Release: 5.1.1 (8 April 2020)

Component Versions

Fusion comes bundled with everything you need to get started.








  • Previously, subscriptions were deleted by referencing a unique, auto-generated ID. Now, subscriptions can be deleted by calling a new endpoint using this structure:

    DELETE /subscriptions/resource={resourceType:resourceName}&topics={topicsArray}&context=app:{appName}

    For example, to delete subscriptions for topics topic1 and topic2 for an index pipeline named myIndexPipeline in my_eComm_app:

    DELETE /subscriptions/resource={index-pipeline:myIndexPipeline}&topics={topic1,topic2}&context=app:{my_eComm_app}
  • The Pulsar default namespace is now derived from create/update operations in an index pipeline or profile. Previously, this was done when the message producer stage was first enacted.

Previous releases

4.2.6 (31 March 2020)

Component Versions

Solr 7.7.2

ZooKeeper 3.4.13

Spark 2.3.2

Jetty 9.4.19.v20190610

Ignite 2.6.0

  • Support is added for individually selecting rules to publish in the Fusion UI:

    Individually publish rules in the Fusion UI

  • The Couchbase V2 connector is added to Fusion 4.2.6. The Couchbase V2 connector uses the Couchbase Java client to retrieve data stored in Couchbase.

5.1.0 (12 March 2020)

Component Versions

Solr 8.4.1

ZooKeeper 3.5.6

Spark 2.4.3

Index Stage SDK

Lucidworks now provides an Index Stage SDK in a public repository on GitHub with all the resources you need to develop custom index stages with Java.

Clone the repository to get started:

git clone https://github.com/lucidworks/index-stage-sdk

See Gradle quickstart documentation for more information on Java Projects.

New V2 connectors

Three new V2 connectors are released:

  • Couchbase V2 - The Couchbase V2 connector uses the Couchbase Java client to retrieve data stored in Couchbase.

  • Sharepoint V2 - The SharePoint connector retrieves content and metadata from an on-premises SharePoint repository. The new connector includes many benefits associated with V2 connectors.

  • Active Directory Connector for ACLs V2 - The Active Directory Connector for ACLs (V2) indexes Active Control List (ACL) information into a configured "sidecar" Solr collection, so that it can be used by other connectors. ==== Sentiment analysis

One major part of understanding intent is understanding sentiment. When you assign sentiment values to incoming queries, or to documents during indexing, you can leverage that data to deliver more insight to your business applications.

This release includes two state-of-the-art, pre-trained sentiment analysis models that you can use to embed sentiment scoring into your query and indexing pipelines:

sentiment-general sentiment-reviews

A general-purpose model, trained on short sentences.

Suitable for short texts and for intent prediction.

See Deploy The sentiment-general Model for instructions.

A model trained on a variety of customer reviews.

Optimized for longer texts. It also supports highlighting the tokens that provide stronger sentiment.

See Deploy The sentiment-reviews Model for instructions.

See Sentiment Analysis and Prediction for more details and instructions.

5.0.2 (18 December 2019)

Component Versions

Solr 8.3.1

ZooKeeper 3.5.6

Spark 2.4.3

Jupyter Integration

Starting with Fusion 5.0.2, we now provide a Jupyter service that can be run from the Fusion Helm chart. Jupyter is an open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations, and narrative text.

  • Run/Debug Spark code in Scala/Python (replacement for spark-shell)

  • Run SQL queries via Fusion SQL

  • Debug Scala and SQL transforms in PBL jobs

  • Everything else for which Jupyter is designed

To learn more, see Jupyter Support in Fusion.

  • The HTML parser now parses the application/xhtml+xml media type by default.

  • The HTML parser can filter HTML content using jsoup. New HTML parser configuration options include:

    Configuration option

    Default value




    Jsoup-formatted selectors for elements to exclude from the HTML



    Apply exclude filters before performing HTML field mapping



    Apply exclude filters before performing link extraction

  • Index pipelines can now receive nested JSON documents through the Parallel Bulk Loader.

  • The Fusion UI now supports undo for deleted rules.

  • A new boolean property, shareState, is introduced for Javascript Query Stages. When set to true, a single Javscript engine will be used for all queries on a Javascript query stage. Previously, a unique engine was used for each thread.

    Under certain conditions, this can improve performance significantly.