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Solr Query Language Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is a quick reference to the Solr query language. Use this syntax when querying Fusion via the Query API

There are two ways to query a Fusion collection using the parameters below:

Wildcards and regular expressions are supported.


  • ?

    Single-character wildcard

  • *

    Multi-character wildcard

Common query parameters


The full Solr query, using Lucene query syntax.


Filter query. A query string that limits the query results without influencing their scores.


Sort field/direction. The field on which to sort, followed by a space and direction (desc or asc). You can specify multiple sort fields like this: sort=title asc,year desc


Max results per page. This set the "page size" for paginated search results.


Pagination offset. The number of results to skip, for pagination purposes.


Field List. The list of fields to return in the query results.


Response writer. Select the response format by specifying one of Solr’s response writers.

Query examples

Search only the title field in the "docs" collection for the term "solr", and format the results as JSON: