REST API Quick Reference Guide

Available APIs


  • Realms: Authenticate across different systems.

  • User: Manage native realm user accounts.

  • Roles: Organize groups of permissions.

  • Sessions: Control session keys for cookies.


Connector logs


  • Parsers: Split incoming data to prepare for indexing.

  • Index Pipelines: Stages (steps) to format incoming data.

  • Index Stages: Each step of a pipeline.

  • Index Profiles: Connect index pipelines to collections (data sets).

  • Index: Send data (documents) to an index profile.

  • Blob Store: Store binary large objects (any file) in a Solr database.



  • Jobs: Manage timed system activities.

  • Spark Jobs: Process data.

  • Tasks: Jobs that clean logs or run REST calls.

  • Messaging: Communication between service instances.

  • History: History of service events.



  • Configurations: Manage global settings.

  • Objects: Import/export objects (stored data and configurations) between Fusion instances.

  • Groups: Combinations of Fusion objects.

  • Links: Relationships between Fusion objects.

  • Search Cluster: Connect Fusion to other Zookeeper-managed Solr clusters.

  • Solr: Manage collection-level configurations.

  • Solr Configuration: Manage Solr configuration files stored in Zookeeper.

  • Solr Admin: Manage Solr instances.

  • ZooKeeper Export: Export ZooKeeper configurations.

  • License: Manage license files.


  • Nodes: Status of each node in the search cluster.

  • System: Monitor system performance.

Interface Apps

  • Apps: App administration (to migrate an app use Objects API).

  • Webapps Admin: Operate Fusion’s included webapps (UI, App Insights, DevOps Center).

  • Webapps: Manage App Studio’s included objects.

  • Webapps Appkit: Manage objects created through Appkit.