Datasource Jobs

A datasource is a configuration that manages the import and indexing of data into the collection.

Datasources are created using the Index Workbench, or at Search > Datasources, or using the Connector Datasources API.

A datasource is also a job that can run on demand or on a schedule.

Scheduling a datasource job in the Fusion UI
  1. Create a datasource.

  2. Navigate to System > Scheduler.

  3. Select the datasource from the job list.

  4. Click New Schedule.

  5. Select and configure a trigger:

    • After Another Job Completes

      Enter the job ID and job result that trigger this one.

    • Cron String

      Enter a Quartz cron expression. See the Quartz documentation for details.

    • Start + Interval

      Enter a start date/time, an interval, and the interval units.