Query Pipeline Stages

A query pipeline is made up of a series of query stages that process incoming search queries.

A pipeline stage definition associates a unique ID with a set of properties. These definitions are registered with the Fusion API service and stored in ZooKeeper for re-use across pipelines and search applications.

Fusion includes a number of specialized query stages as well as a JavaScript stage that allows advanced processing via a JavaScript program.

Configuring query pipeline stages

Conditional query processing

Query Pipeline stages are used to modify Request objects and Response objects. Each stage can include a conditional JavaScript expression (the condition property in its configuration) that can access these objects.

For example, this condition first checks that the property fusion-user-name is specified in the Request object, then checks for a particular value:

request.hasParam("fusion-user-name") && request.getFirstParam("fusion-user-name").equals("SuperUser");

Reference topics

See these reference topics for complete details about each query pipeline stage: