Fusion Server Release Notes


Latest Release: 5.2.1 (23 September 2020)

Component Versions

Fusion comes bundled with everything you need to get started.

Solr 8.4.1

ZooKeeper 3.5.7

Spark 2.4.5



  • Replaced P12 key with JSON for Google Drive Classic service account.

  • The Connectors API returns the intermediate Deploying and Deleting states to improve the installation and deletion experience. This allows the UI to correctly categorize the displayed connectors list with appropriate state-tags, colors, and labels.

  • V2 connectors index content via key_shared indexing subscriptions. This helps increase indexing performance while maintaining ordering of same document ID updates to Solr.

  • FS connectors have an additional configuration option with Attitiona mounting points to use the FS connector in a cloud environment.

Fusion AI

  • The Query Rewrite ML jobs have a frequency column generated that is shown in the UI. This column should be used to sort in descending order and focus on the high frequency rewrites.

Previous releases

5.2.0 (24 August 2020)

Component Versions

Solr 8.4.1

ZooKeeper 3.5.7

Spark 2.4.5


  • Fusion SQL adds search and math expressions to the SQL experience, with new, intuitive, easy-to-learn functions that simplify the way power users query Fusion to explore unstructured text and patterns in data. In this release you can combine structured and unstructured data stored in Solr to understand numeric distributions and correlations, fit models, explore clusters, perform powerful sampling, use text analyzers for entity extraction, find significant terms, and perform time series analysis.

    Learn more about Fusion SQL or explore the new functions for these features:

  • You can now download connectors directly from the Fusion UI. Powered by the Connector Plugins Repository API, you can easily view which connectors are available to you and download new connectors with a single click. Navigate to Indexing > Datasources, click Add, and click the name of the connector you want to install:

  • The Field Facet query pipeline stage now allows users to specify Field facet threads:

    field facet threads

    Specifies how many threads the search engine will use while loading the underlying fields used in faceting. Recommended that this is kept at 0 or blank, which means the data is loaded in the thread already running the query.
  • Fusion microservices can now be configured to use Transport Layer Security (TLS).

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  • Various Spark jobs improvements:

    • Improved logging

    • All Spark writing operations now support min-output-partitions

    • SQL aggregation jobs are audited for natural key usage

    • Recommender aggregation

  • Previously, the Apache Pulsar client automatically blocked message objects if the queue was full. Now, this behavior is configurable as a boolean value. By default, this is set to false in the query service to ensure errors are successfully logged even if the Pulsar service becomes available. Outside of the query service, the default is true.

  • Pulsar is updated to version 2.6.0.

  • The Query Workbench no longer displays additional pages if there are not enough results to populate those pages.

  • The Query Workbench now displays error messages instead of writing error messages to the console only.

  • AsyncJoinQueryStage is updated to always produce an error message to improve debugging.

  • You can now configure your realm with additional headers to check for allowed IPs. This is useful when your gateway is behind a proxy which is replacing the incoming IP.

  • A new Index Stage SDK API method is added: {{Document.allFields()}}. This method returns all document fields, including internal fields. (Internal fields start with the {{lw}} prefix.)

Fusion AI

  • Solr’s zkhost is now included in the Jupyter environment. It no longer needs to be explicitly defined for each Jupyter notebook.

  • You can now use more than 30 parameters in a single business rule.

Predictive Merchandiser

  • Publishing performance is significantly improved.

5.1.4 (25 June 2020)

Component Versions

Solr 8.4.1

ZooKeeper 3.5.6

Spark 2.4.5

  • Fixed bug that caused Spark jobs to hang.

  • Clusters upgraded to 5.1.3 had incompatible plugins in the blob store. Classic plugins installed in a previous version will be upgraded on migrations.

  • More helpful error messages from Solr are now transferred to the admin UI to make it easier to debug queries.

5.1.3 (18 June 2020)

Component Versions

Solr 8.4.1

ZooKeeper 3.5.6

Spark 2.4.5

  • Fusion 5.1.3 adds the Connector Plugins Repository API. This API is used to install and update connector plugins from the built-in plugin repository. For example, the following command describes a successful installation of a connector plugin with the API:

    curl -u admin:Password123 -X POST "http://fusion-cluster:6764/connectors/plugins?id=lucidworks.fs"
      "pluginId" : "lucidworks.fs",
      "status" : {
        "action" : "INSTALL",
        "status" : "SUCCESS",
        "message" : "Plugin lucidworks.fs was installed successfully."
  • The Push connector is removed. As an alternative, directly access the index endpoints.

  • Java-based services have moved to distroless Docker images. As a result, debugging tools must be run remotely.