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      Fusion 5.1.1 Release Notes

      Table of Contents

      Release date: 8 April 2020

      Component versions:

      Solr 8.4.1

      ZooKeeper 3.5.6

      Spark 2.4.3



      • Previously, subscriptions were deleted by referencing a unique, auto-generated ID. Now, subscriptions can be deleted by calling a new endpoint using this structure:

        DELETE /subscriptions/resource={resourceType:resourceName}&topics={topicsArray}&context=app:{appName}

        For example, to delete subscriptions for topics topic1 and topic2 for an index pipeline named myIndexPipeline in my_eComm_app:

        DELETE /subscriptions/resource={index-pipeline:myIndexPipeline}&topics={topic1,topic2}&context=app:{my_eComm_app}
      • The Pulsar default namespace is now derived from create/update operations in an index pipeline or profile. Previously, this was done when the message producer stage was first enacted.

      Bug fixes


      • When subscriptions are refreshed, all nodes now receive the action to either start or stop the subscription. Previously, only the original node refreshed.

      • Updated Feign Clients for Spark pipeline indexing to reduce failures.

      • Corrected the source of configuration values for deploy jobs so the values are taken from the Helm chart.