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      Documents, Fields, and Schema Design

      This section discusses how Solr organizes its data into documents and fields, as well as how to work with a schema in Solr.

      This section includes the following topics:

      Overview of Documents, Fields, and Schema Design: An introduction to the concepts covered in this section.

      Solr Field Types: Detailed information about field types in Solr, including the field types in the default Solr schema.

      Defining Fields: Describes how to define fields in Solr.

      Copying Fields: Describes how to populate fields with data copied from another field.

      Dynamic Fields: Information about using dynamic fields in order to catch and index fields that do not exactly conform to other field definitions in your schema.

      Schema API: Use curl commands to read various parts of a schema or create new fields and copyField rules.

      Other Schema Elements: Describes other important elements in the Solr schema.

      Putting the Pieces Together: A higher-level view of the Solr schema and how its elements work together.

      DocValues: Describes how to create a docValues index for faster lookups.

      Schemaless Mode: Automatically add previously unknown schema fields using value-based field type guessing.