Fusion Server

Fusion Server is the platform for intelligent search and search analytics. It leverages Apache Solr, the open source search engine, and Apache Spark, the open source cluster computing framework, to give you fast, scalable, proven, and reliable processing for customized search and analytics over all of your data.

See the Fusion Server Release Notes to find out what’s new.

  • Getting Started introduces you to Fusion Server’s basic concepts and user interface. See Quickstart to get up and running in minutes, then use the tutorials to explore Fusion Server’s features.

  • The Deployment Guide provides instructions for planning, installing, and upgrading Fusion Server in a production environment.

  • The Search Development Guide explains how to manage your Fusion Server apps, get your data in, then get data out to provide end users with the most relevant search results.

  • The System Administration Guide provides instructions for securing, monitoring, and maintaining Fusion Server, as well as how to configure and manage jobs.

  • For complete reference information about Fusion Server’s connectors, parsers, pipelines, and REST APIs, see the Reference Guides.

  • Apache Solr is at Fusion’s core. For complete reference information about Solr features, see the Solr Reference Guide.

You can enable additional boosting, recommendations, and machine learning features by adding a Fusion AI license to any Fusion Server instance.