Resources and Support

In addition to this documentation, these resources are available to assist you.

Self-help resources

* Customer login required.

Technical support

When you need personalized, expert assistance, the Lucidworks technical support team is available 24/7.

Before you open a support case, see the instructions below to learn how to gather data that the technical support team can use to evaluate your issue and provide a solution.

Once you have obtained the relevant data from Fusion, you can open a support case here.

Finding log files in the filesystem

Log files are located in the fusion/4.1.x/var/log directory. Generally, the log files below are the most useful in diagnosing an issue:

  • API logs

    fusion/4.1.x/var/log/api/api.log and fusion/4.1.x/var/log/api/gc_<timestamp>.log.0.current

  • Connectors logs

    fusion/4.1.x/var/log/connectors-classic/connectors-classic.log and fusion/4.1.x/var/log/connectors-rpc/connectors-rpc.log

If it’s apparent that additional components are involved, collect their logs and associated gc logs from the fusion/4.1.x/var/log directory.

Opening a support case

Lucidworks provides technical support to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with unlimited incidents. Once you have obtained the relevant data from Fusion as described above, you can open a support case.

For the most efficient response, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to

    You can also navigate to Contact Support from any page on the Lucidworks support site:

    Contact Support

  2. Enter a subject and description of your issue.

  3. In the Severity field, select the appropriate severity value for your issue according to the guidelines below.

    Severity Time Definition Example


    1 Hour

    Severe commercial impact on Customer’s business which either makes the system inoperable or prevents content discovery.

    Production search is down.


    12 Hours

    Significant commercial impact on Customer’s business which makes one or more critical areas of functionality inoperable.

    Search performance has slowed down to a crawl.


    24 Hours

    Moderate commercial impact on Customer’s business which makes one or more non-critical areas of functionality inoperable.

    Slight increase in query time.


    48 Hours

    No commercial impact on Customer’s business.

    How to implement a certain search feature.


  4. Select your Platform, Product Line, and Solr Version.

  5. Select either your Lucidworks Search Version (legacy customers only) or your Fusion Version (3.0 and up are currently supported).

  6. Select your Environment, one of the following:

    • Production

    • QA

    • Sandbox

    • Proof of Concept

  7. Click Add Attachment and select your log files.

    You can attach only one file. Upload all of your files as one .tar or .zip archive.
  8. When you have attached all pertinent data, click Submit.


    You’ll receive an email message containing your case number. A Lucidworks support engineer will contact you within the time period corresponding to your issue’s severity level.