Upgrade Fusion

When you have a Fusion-based search application running, at some point it might be necessary to upgrade to a later version of Fusion. Beginning with Fusion 3.1, we provide a migrator tool to simplify the upgrade process.

See the release history to find out what’s new, including which versions of Solr, Spark, and ZooKeeper are bundled with each Fusion release.

The migrator transfers over most of the objects that make up your search application, all configurations and customizations for your application, and all data in collections in the application.

In some cases, manual steps are required for objects that the migrator can’t handle automatically. We give you instructions and guidance about what might be required. You should also review the log of the upgrade in /opt/fusion/x.y.z/var/upgrade/tmp/migrator.log (on Unix) or C:\lucidworks\var\fusion\x.y.z\upgrade\tmp\migrator.log (on Windows). The x.y.z directory is for the Fusion version that you are migrating from.

Key points

Following are some key points about upgrading Fusion:

  • Migration involves down time – The upgrade process involves multiple starts and stops of Fusion services. Please plan accordingly, especially in terms of disabling external load balancers or monitors that might react adversely to the starts and stops.

  • Current deployment is preserved – Upgrades preserve the current Fusion deployment, copying information over from the current deployment to the new one. This provides a rapid roll-back option if you encounter problems during the upgrade process.

  • If the upgrade fails – If an upgrade fails, there’s a procedure for dealing with that.

Supported upgrade sequences

Only specific version-to-version upgrade sequences are supported. Some upgrades require multiple steps.

These upgrade sequences are supported.

Upgrades to the current version

  • 4.0.x to 4.1.y – From 4.0.2 to 4.1.1 (one step, using the migrator)

  • 4.1.x to 4.1.y – From 4.1.0 to 4.1.1 (one step, using the migrator)

Information about these upgrades follows in this article.

Upgrades to prior versions


Using the migrator:


For example, to upgrade from Fusion 3.0.1 to Fusion Server 4.1.1, you would perform the following upgrades (both of them using the migrator):

  1. Upgrade from Fusion 3.0.1 to Fusion 3.1.5

  2. Upgrade from Fusion 3.1.5 to Fusion Server 4.0.2

  3. Upgrade from Fusion Server 4.0.2 to Fusion Server 4.1.1

Per-version instruction sets

To upgrade to a later version of Fusion from an existing installation requires transferring over all configurations and data from your existing Fusion installation to the new version.

To upgrade From Fusion 4.0.x to Fusion Server 4.1.y

Perform the steps in this article:

To upgrade From Fusion 4.1.x to Fusion Server 4.1.y

Perform the steps in this article: