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      Fusion Server 4.1.3 Release Notes

      Release date: 12 April 2019

      Component versions:

      Solr 7.4.0

      ZooKeeper 3.4.13

      Spark 2.3.1

      Jetty 9.3.25.v20180904

      Ignite 2.3.0

      As of Fusion 4.1.1, the SSL configuration procedure has changed. See SSL Security (Unix) and SSL Security (Windows) for updated instructions.

      New features

      No new features were introduced in this release.


      • The Web connector and the SharePoint connector now support multiple start links using a new Bulk Start Links/f.bulkStartLinks property.

      • Additional Web connector improvements:

        • The connector now supports HTTPS when configured for proxying in high-performance mode.

        • The connector now supports inclusive/exclusive regular expressions after a ? in URL values.

        • New configuration properties:

          • Maintain Cookies for No-Auth Crawls/f.maintainCookies

            If you are not using authentication, then by default cookies are not stored in between web requests (stateless). If checked, cookies will be maintained between requests during the web crawl even when you are not using authentication. If you are using authentication, this checkbox has no effect on the crawl and can be ignored.

          • Obey link nofollow attributes/f.obeyLinkNofollow

            If true, rel='nofollow' on links are obeyed.

          • Obey robots meta tags and headers/f.obeyRobotsMeta

            If true, rules like noindex, nofollow, and others found in a robots meta tag on a page or in the headers of the HTTP response are obeyed.

      • New Box.com connector configuration properties:

        • API Connection Timeout (ms)/f.fs.connectTimeoutMs

          The Box API connection timeout in milliseconds.

        • API Read Timeout (ms)/f.fs.readTimeoutMs

          The Box API read timeout in milliseconds.

      • The Confluence connector has new security trimming configuration properties, User group cache limit/f.cacheUserGroupLimit. Only applicable when cacheUserGroups is enabled, this will limit the number of users who will have their groups cached. This is used for testing purposes only. The default of -1 will cause all users to be cached.

      • Diagnostic mode is now available for the MongoDB connector.

      • SharePoint and SharePoint Online connector improvements:

        • New configuration properties:

          • Retry requests/f.enable_retry

            Enable this to make the connector automatically try again if a request to sharepoint fails unexpectedly.

          • Number of retries/f.retry_attempts

            If Retry requests is enabled, this number determines how many times the connector should retry a request before giving up.

        • Addressed an issue with running the Sharepoint connector without an associated parser configuration.

        • The connectors now delete indexed documents after they are deleted from the SharePoint source.

      • The HTML parser now parses documents whose Mime-Type value does not exactly match text/html, such as text/html; charset=utf-8 and so on. This allows it to parse .aspx pages from SharePoint datasources, for example.

      Other changes

      • Fusion now redirects to the login page when you log out on Chrome 73.

      • Migrated objects are now correctly named as collectionName_objectName instead of objectName.

      • The Query Workbench now loads datasets that contain large numbers of fields.

      • A display bug was fixed in the Object Explorer.

      • The Confluence connector now updates document permissions when their space permissions have changed.

      • Fixed an issue which cause a Could not read triggers for job error for some scheduled jobs.

      • Fixed a problem where a job scheduled to run "After Another Job Completes" would fail to run when the job scheduler leadership changed.

      • Fixed an issue with incremental ACL updates for changes with _lw_confluence_anonymous permission setting in the Confluence connector.