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      Fusion Server 4.0.2 Release Notes

      Release date: 22 May 2018

      Component versions:

      Solr 7.2.1

      ZooKeeper 3.4.10

      Spark 2.2.1

      Jetty 3.8.10

      Ignite 2.3.0

      New features


      • Additional options for the Zendesk connector:

        • article_containers

        • enable_security_trimming

        • index_article_attachments

        • index_articles

        • index_tickets

        • page_size

        • zendesk_account_plan

      • Web connector improvements

        • Instead of JBrowserDriver and Mozilla Firefox, the Web connector now uses PhantomJS and Google Chromium for JavaScript evaluation. When f.crawlJS/"Evaluate JavaScript" is enabled, then Fusion uses PhantomJS to evaluate JavaScript content. Lucidworks recommends also enabling f.useHighPerfJsEval/"High Performance Mode", in which case Chromium is used, providing the fastest possible JavaScript evaluation.

          This feature requires downloading a separate setup script. See the Web connector topic for instructions.
        • Support for screenshots

          When f.crawlJS/"Evaluate JavaScript" and f.useHighPerfJsEval/"High Performance Mode" are enabled, then f.takeScreenshot/"Index a screenshot of rendered page" can also be enabled.

          When this feature is enabled, Fusion takes a screenshot of each fully-rendered page and indexes it in a field called screenshot_bin.

          Your schema must specify this field as a binary field or indexing will fail. See the Web connector topic for instructions.

        New options for the Web connector:

        • f.useHighPerfJsEval

        • f.headlessBrowser

        • f.takeScreenshot

        • f.screenshotFullscreen

        • f.viewportWidth

        • f.viewportHeight

        • f.deviceScreenFactor

        • f.simulateMobile

        • f.mobileScreenWidth

        • f.mobileScreenHeight

        • f.chromeBinaryPath

        • f.quitTimeoutMs

        • f.useRequestCounter

        • f.requestCounterMinWaitMs

        • f.requestCounterMaxWaitMs

        The following configuration keys are deprecated and will be removed in a future release:

        • f.useFirefox

        • f.firefoxHeadlessBrowser

        • f.firefoxBinaryPath

      • The Jira connector now supports security trimming when single sign-on (SSO) is used to authenticate to the Jira servers.

      Other changes

      • This release fixes a bug in the authentication proxy which incorrectly redirected certain requests when SSL was enabled.

      • Spark job IDs are now transformed so that invalid characters are replaced with underscores (_). Valid characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, underscore (\_), backslash (\), and hyphen (-).

      • The Query Profiles and end points from earlier versions of Fusion have been replaced by new endpoints and profiles with additional functionality.  Application/UI’s submitting requests to Fusion will need to be updated to use the new endpoints.

      Known issues

      • App Insights shows "No data available" after logging out and in again.

        After exiting App Insights, logging out of Fusion, then logging in to Fusion and returning to App Insights, you may see a "No data available" message.


        Log out of Fusion, clear your browser’s cookies, then log in to Fusion again.

      • In system metrics hourly jobs, the value of the "Type field" property defaults to type, which does not exist as a field in the system metrics collection. The correct value is type_s.

        The following jobs are affected by this issue:

        • hourlyMetricsRollup-timers

        • hourlyMetricsRollup-meters

        • hourlyMetricsRollup-histograms

        • hourlyMetricsRollup-gauges

        • hourlyMetricsRollup-counters

        • dailyMetricsRollup-timers

        • dailyMetricsRollup-meters

        • dailyMetricsRollup-histograms

        • dailyMetricsRollup-gauges


        Manually update the jobs to change the Type Field property to "type_s". This is a one-time change for the cluster.

        1. Create a "System" app, or use any existing app in Fusion.

        2. Navigate to System > Scheduler.

        3. For each of the above jobs in the schedules, link the job to the current app:

          1. Select the job in the jobs list.

          2. In the job configuration panel, hover over the job name.

            Hover over the job name

          3. Click Explore.

            The Object Explorer appears.

          4. Hover over the job in the Object Explorer and click the App App icon:

            Click the App icon

          5. Click Add to this app.

            The Object Explorer displays the job linked to the app:

            Job linked to app

          6. Close the Object Explorer.

        4. Navigate to Collections > Jobs.

        5. For each of the jobs listed above:

          1. Click Advanced.

          2. Change the value of the Type Field property from type to type_s.

          3. Save the job configuration.

        The system metrics jobs should now run correctly.

      • Blobs of type "other" cannot be uploaded.

        Fusion 4.0.2 rejects blob uploads when the blob type "other" is specified.

        The Fusion UI gives this error:

        API ERROR Code: BLOB-0006 Status:
        400 Bad Requestvalue of [other] for parameter [resourceType] is not supported as a blob type

        The API gives this error:

        {"type":"RESTError","httpStatusCode":400,"error":"BLOB-0006","message":"Is a FusionResourceType but not a blob type","details":"value of [other] for parameter [resourceType] is not supported as a blob type","cause":null,"httpStatusMessage":"Bad Request","localizedMessage":"value of [other] for parameter [resourceType] is not supported as a blob type","suppressed":[],"class":null}


        Select a different blob type, such as "file-upload".

      • A user with search-only permissions receives an "invalid license" error when attempting to log in to the Fusion UI.

        A user with search-only permissions (including users assigned to the built-in "search" role) cannot log in to the Fusion UI. Developer or admin permissions are required in order to log in to the UI.

        If a user with search-only permissions encounters this error, there is no need to update your license.

      • In Internet Explorer, pipeline stage configuration panels may appear empty.

        After adding a new stage to a new pipeline in the Index Pipelines or Query Pipelines windows, clicking Save may result in an empty configuration panel for the new pipeline stage.


        Refresh the page or click the name of the new stage in the list of pipeline stages. The Fusion UI should then display the stage configuration panel correctly.

      • When creating a new collection after deleting the only remaining collection, the collection creation modal breaks after entering an invalid collection name.

        When you delete the only user-created collection in an app, the UI prompts you to replace it by creating a new collection. If you enter a collection name that contains invalid characters and click "Proceed to Delete Collection", the button becomes disabled.


        Close the modal and try again.

      • Some headers are missing from request.headers in the trusted-http security realm, including the following:

        • fusion-user-realm-name

        • fusion-user-realm-type

        • fusion-user-name

        • fusion-user-permissions lacks the role restriction assigned with the security realm.

      • The Tika parser and Tika stage Return parsed content as XML option works only if the input document is also HTML/XML.