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      Fusion Server 4.2.3 Release Notes

      Release date: 28 June 2019

      Component versions:

      Solr 7.7.2

      ZooKeeper 3.4.13

      Spark 2.3.2

      Jetty 9.4.12.v20180830

      Ignite 2.6.0

      New features

      • SQL aggregations aggregations now support the use of the NOT operator inside AND or OR clauses. For example:

        FROM ${inputCollection} c
              ((c.type IN ('click') AND !(c.query <> '*:*')))
              (c.type IN ('cart','purchase'))


      • Wait times at the end of V2 connector jobs have been reduced.

      • Users can now enable or disable spell correction and tail rewrites separately in the Text Tagger stage.

        TextTagger Stage Options^

      • Recently created jobs are now available in the Scheduler immediately.

      • Changed how the Fusion UI handles proxied requests to Solr in order to reduce errors.

      • Images sent to the Apache Tika parser with the Include images option unchecked are no longer discarded.

      • Added a new field, unsafe, to the index pipeline schema.

      Other changes

      • Fixed an issue with the SharePoint connector, which was skipping some documents in the index pipeline.

      • Fixed an error with the SharePoint Online connector’s security trimming feature, which failed to filter by the "Everyone except external users" group.

      • Fixed an issue which caused new information added to fusion.properties to be appended to an existing value instead of creating a new line.

      • Fixed an issue which caused the misspelling, phrase, and synonym detection features to publish corrections which had low confidence scores.

      • Fixed an issue which caused file-extension filtering in the SharePoint connector to be case-sensitive.

      • Fixed an issue which produced a Null Pointer Exception (NPE) error while using SharePoint security trimming on a user with no user groups.

      • Fixed how Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is handled when the port is missing from the host/origin headers.

      • Fixed an issue that caused the SmartForm login process in the Web connector to fail.

      • Fixed an issue with the Slack connector that caused only non-public information to appear when security trimming was enabled.

      • Fixed an issue which caused multivalued fields that were being sent to the signals collection to be assigned the single value string field type _s instead of the multivalued string field type _ss.

      • Fixed minor issues with the drag-to-reorder feature in the Fusion UI.

      • Fixed an issue that caused the Confluence connector to not create the title field or update the last modified date value.

      • Fixed an error that could result from the Connectors Classic Service failing to start while attempting to migrate from 3.1.5 to 4.2.1.

      • Fixed an error that caused the SharePoint Online datasources to disappear while upgrading Fusion.

      • Fixed an issue which caused a target collection to not be found while attempting to transfer documents from a Solr collection in Fusion 4.1.x to a Solr collection in Fusion 3.1.x.

      Addressed Security Vulnerabilities

      • Fusion 4.2.3 upgrades Solr to version 7.7.2, which uses Jackson Release 2.9.8. This resolves multiple Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).

      • Fusion 4.2.3 upgrades Hibernate Validator to version 4.1.0, which resolves multiple CVEs.

      Known issues

      • When under load, the Fusion proxy service can occasionally become stuck, causing user authentication to fail. This is the result of the proxy InputStream failing to close properly.

        An upgrade to Fusion 4.2.4 is required to fix this issue. See Upgrade Fusion.

      • The JDBC connector ignores the max_docs field value when crawling a datasource.

      • Fusion overwrites existing Underperforming Query rules when the head/tail analysis job runs. This issue is fixed in Fusion 4.2.6.

      • The Scala script job sometimes fails when indentation is used.

        This is fixed in Fusion 4.2.6.
      • Jira no longer supports user/password authentication. As a result, the Jira connector must use a different authentication method.