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      Field Facet Stage

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      The Field Facet query pipeline stage is used to add a Solr Field Facet query to the search query pipeline.

      A field facet query computes the top values for a field and returns the list of those values along with a count of the subset of documents in the search results which match that term. Field faceting works best over fields which contain a single label or set of labels from a finite, controlled lexicon such as product category. Facet field parameters can be tuned for performance, see: Facet Field Configuration.

      It is possible to specify more than one field facets. For each field facet you must specify the field name plus the following additional parameters:

      • Limit – the maximum number of terms to be returned. Default 100.

      • Offset – the number of top facet values to skip in the response. Default 0.

      • Sort - the order in which to list facet values: count ordering is by documents per term, descending, and index ordering is sorted on term values themselves.

      • Missing - the number of documents in the results set which have no value for the facet field.

      • Choice of facet method (advanced) - specify Solr algorithm used to calculate facet counts. (See Facet Method Configuration for details). One of:

        • enum - small number of distinct categories

        • fc ("field cache") - many different values in the field, each document has low number of values, multi-valued field

        • fcs ("single value string fields") - good for rapidly changing indexes

      For further details see: Solr Faceting Overview.

      When using Fusion's REST API, the ID for this stage is:facet.

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